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Zastava means flag in Serbo-Croatian and Slovenian. It can refer to:

Zastava Koral

The Zastava Koral (pronounced [ˈzâːstaʋa ˈkǒraːl], Serbian Cyrillic: Застава Корал), also marketed as the Yugo (pronounced [ˈjûɡo]), was a front-engine, front-wheel drive, three-door hatchback supermini manufactured by Zastava Automobiles, at the time a Yugoslavian corporation.

Zastava Automobiles

Zastava Automobiles (Serbian: Zastava Automobili or Застава Аутомобили) is a Serbian car manufacturer, a subsidiary of Group Zastava Vehicles which declared bankruptcy in May 2017.

Zastava Arms

Zastava Arms (Serbian Cyrillic: Застава oружје) is a Serbian manufacturer of firearms and artillery, based in Kragujevac, Serbia.

Zastava M70

The Zastava M70 (Serbian Cyrillic: Застава М70) is an assault rifle developed and produced by Zastava Arms in Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia).

Zastava CZ 99

The Zastava CZ 99 is a semi-automatic pistol produced by Zastava Arms. It was developed in 1989 to replace the M57 in the Yugoslavian Military and Police.

Zastava PAP series

The Zastava PAP (Serbian: Polu-automatska puška/pištolj Translated: Semi-automatic rifle/pistol) are a series of sporting rifles designed to comply with US firearms import laws.

Zastava M76

The Zastava M76 is a military semi-automatic sniper/designated marksman rifle developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms.

Zastava M55

The Zastava M55, also designated 20/3-mm-M55, is a Yugoslavian/Serbian 20mm triple-barreled automatic anti-aircraft gun developed in 1955 and produced by Crvena Zastava (currently the Zastava Arms company) in Kragujevac, Serbia, for Yugoslav People's Army use and also for the export market.

Zastava M93 Black Arrow

The M93 Black Arrow (Serbian: М93 „црна стрела“) is a 12.7mm or .50 caliber anti-materiel rifle developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms.