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Wolseley may refer to:

Wolseley Motors

Wolseley Motors Limited was a British motor vehicle manufacturer founded in early 1901 by the Vickers armaments combine in conjunction with Herbert Austin.

Wolseley Hornet six

The Wolseley Hornet is a six-cylinder twelve fiscal horsepower lightweight automobile which was offered as a saloon car, coupé and open two-seater as well as the usual rolling chassis for bespoke coachwork.

Wolseley Viper

The Wolseley Viper is a British-built, high-compression derivative of the Hispano Suiza HS-8 liquid-cooled V-8 engine, built under licence by Wolseley Motors during World War I.

Wolseley expedition

The Wolseley expedition was a military force authorized by Sir John A. Macdonald to confront Louis Riel and the MĂ©tis in 1870, during the Red River Rebellion, at the Red River Colony in what is now the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Wolseley Aries

The Wolseley Aries III or A.R.9 was a British nine-cylinder, air-cooled radial aero engine that first ran in 1933, it was designed and built by Wolseley Motors.

Wolseley, Saskatchewan

Wolseley (Canada 2006 Census population 782) is a town in southeastern Saskatchewan, Canada, approximately 100 km east of Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Wolseley 6/99

The Wolseley 6/99 was the final large Wolseley car. Styled by Pininfarina with additions by BMC staff stylists, the basic vehicle was also sold under two of BMC's other marques as the Austin A99 Westminster and Vanden Plas Princess 3-Litre.

Wolseley 4/50

The Wolseley 4/50 and similar 6/80 were Wolseley Motors' first post-war automobiles. They were put into production in 1948 and were based on the Morris Oxford MO and the Morris Six MS respectively.

Wolseley 15/60

The Wolseley 15/60 is an automobile which was produced from 1958 to 1961, and then, as the Wolseley 16/60, from 1961 to 1971. The 15/60 was the first of the mid-sized Pininfarina-styled automobiles manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC).