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Windhoff is a German manufacturer of specialised railways rolling stock, and heavy industrial plant. The company was founded in 1889.

Windhoff motorcycle

Windhoff Motorradenbau GmbH built motorcycles in Berlin, Germany, from 1924-1933. The factory was located at BĂĽlowstrasse 106, Berlin W57, under the direction of factory owner Hans Windhoff.


The CargoSprinter is a freight multiple unit designed to transport freight or equipment. The CargoSprinter was designed by Windhoff GmbH (Germany) in the mid-1990s.


Ecoparc Windhof (Luxembourgish: Wandhaff) is a village in the south of the commune of Koerich in south-western Luxembourg.

The Wind Off the Small Isles

The Wind Off the Small Isles is a novella by Mary Stewart, first published in 1968. Unlike her other works, it is brief, at only 96 pages in hardcover.