Her ser du listen med Talbot-Lago modeller. Vælg en model for at se alle årgangene.

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Automobiles Talbot S.A. was a French automobile manufacturer based in Suresnes, Hauts de Seine, outside Paris.

Talbot Lago Record

The Talbot Lago-Record Type T26 was a large, six-cylinder executive car launched by the French Talbot company in 1946. In the context of the company's protracted financial collapse, the last T26s were probably those produced during 1953.

Talbot Lago Sport

The Talbot-Lago Sport was a coupé-bodied sports car introduced by the manufacturer in May 1955. It was Talbot-Lago’s last production model, and only 54 were built.

Talbot Tagora

The Talbot Tagora is an executive car developed by Chrysler Europe and produced by Peugeot Société Anonyme (PSA).