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Suminoekōen Station

Suminoekoen Station (住之江公園駅, Suminoekōen-eki, lit. "Suminoe Park") is a railway station on the Osaka Municipal Subway Yotsubashi Line and the Nankō Port Town Line (New Tram) in Suminoe-ku, Osaka, Japan, operated by the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau.

Suminoe oyster

The Suminoe oyster (Magallana ariakensis), is a species of true oyster which inhabits intertidal hard grounds and substrate, as well as muddy creeks of warm estuaries throughout the western Pacific.

Suminoe Station

Suminoe Station (住ノ江駅, Suminoe-eki, station number: NK09) is a train station in Suminoe-ku, Osaka Osaka Prefecture, Japan, on the Nankai Electric Railway Nankai Main Line.

Suminoe-ku, Osaka

Suminoe-ku (住之江区) is one of 24 wards of Osaka, Japan. Stretching along the south-west border of Osaka, it is adjacent to Minato-ku, Taisho-ku and Nishinari-ku to the north and Sumiyoshi-ku to the east.

Suminoe no Tsu

Suminoe no Tsu (住吉津) is the oldest international port in Japan.

Suminokura Ryōi

Suminokura Ryōi (角倉 了以, 1554 - August 17, 1614) was a merchant and shipper of Edo period Kyoto.

Suminter India Organics

Suminter India Organics is a privately held supplier of certified organic products from India to Europe and the United States.

Suminodō Station

Suminodō Station (住道駅, Suminodō-eki) is a railway station in Daito, Osaka, Japan.

Meanings of minor planet names: 10001–11000

This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

Naoko Yamazaki

Naoko Yamazaki (山崎 直子, Yamazaki Naoko, born December 27, 1970) is a former Japanese astronaut at JAXA, the second Japanese woman to qualify.