Smart Roadster

Model Årgang Motor HK Km/t CO2
Roadster Coupe 2008 698 ccm - - -
Roadster Convertible 2008 698 ccm - 175 -
Roadster 2006 698 ccm 80 175 -
Roadster Coupe 2006 698 ccm 80 175 -
Roadster Brabus 2006 696 ccm 99 190 -
Roadster Coupe Brabus 2006 696 ccm 99 195 -
Roadster Coupe 2005 698 ccm 80 180 -
Roadster Brabus 2005 698 ccm 99 190 -
Roadster Coupe Brabus 2005 698 ccm 99 195 -
Roadster Coupe 2003 698 ccm 81 180 -
Roadster Coupe Brabus 2003 698 ccm 99 190 -
Roadster Coupe 2002 696 ccm 80 180 -
Roadster 2001 698 ccm 80 175 -
Roadster Coupe 2000 698 ccm 80 180 -
Roadster Brabus 2000 698 ccm 99 190 -

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