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Rossel may refer to:

Rossella Biscotti

Rossella Biscotti (born 1978) is an Italian visual artist best known for her installations, performances and video.

Rosselli–Gulienetti syndrome

Rosselli–Gulienetti syndrome, also known as Zlotogora–Ogur syndrome and Bowen–Armstrong syndrome, is a type of congenital ectodermal dysplasia syndrome.

Rosselle Pekelis

Rosselle Pekelis (born 1938) is a former Washington Supreme Court judge.

Rossella Falk

Rossella Falk (10 November 1926 – 5 May 2013) was an Italian actress. She had a long career and possibly best known for appearing in 8½ by Federico Fellini in 1964.

Rosell Ellis

Rosell Ellis (born February 19, 1975) is an American former professional basketball player.

Rossello di Jacopo Franchi

Rossello di Jacopo Franchi: An Italian Renaissance Artist

Rossel Island

Rossel Island (named after de Rossel, a senior officer on the French expedition of d'Entrecasteaux, 1791-1793; also known as Yela) is the easternmost island of the Louisiade Archipelago, which itself is part of the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea.


Rosselia is a genus of plants in the family Burseraceae. The sole species is Rosselia bracteata, endemic to Papua New Guinea.

Rossella Giordano

Rossella Giordano (born 1 December 1972 in Asti) is an Italian race walker.