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Rinspeed is a Swiss automobile manufacturer and tuning designer. It specialises in restoring classic cars, and tuning and modifying modern cars such as Porsches and Subarus.

Rinspeed sQuba

The sQuba, developed by Swiss company Rinspeed, is the world's first car that can be driven both on land and under water.

Rinspeed Yello Talbo

The Rinspeed Yello Talbo is a Swiss sports car produced in association with Dieter Meier and Boris Blank of the eclectic electronic group Yello.

Rinspeed Le Mans 600

The Rinspeed Le Mans 600 is a rear-engined sportscar based on the Porsche 997 911 Turbo.

Rinspeed Presto

The Rinspeed Presto is a concept car from the Swiss company Rinspeed, unveiled in 2002. At the touch of a button, it would expand it from a 2.7 metre, two-seat cabrio to a 3.6 metre, four-seater.

Rinspeed Veleno

The Rinspeed Veleno was a heavily modified Dodge Viper, created in 1993. It had an electronically controlled nitrous-oxide injection, and the power was increased from the Viper's 400 bhp (300 kW), to 550 bhp (410 kW).

Rinspeed Mono Ego

To celebrate 20 years of Rinspeed, Frank Rinderknecht created the 1997 Rinspeed Mono Ego. The French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac was involved in its design.


Ripspeed is a sub brand of Halfords, one of the leading automotive parts retailer in the United Kingdom.