René-Bonnet Missile

Model Årgang Motor HK Km/t CO2
Missile - 845 ccm 55 158 -


Hurtigst: 158 km/t

Kraftigst motor: 55 HK

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René Bonnet

René Bonnet (Vaumas, December 27, 1904 – January 13, 1983) was a French driver and automobile constructor.

Matra Djet

The Matra Djet is a French sports car that was originally designed and sold by René Bonnet. As the Bonnet Djet it was the world's first rear mid-engined production road car.

DB Le Mans

The DB Le Mans (later also sold as the René Bonnet Le Mans and René Bonnet Missile) is a fibreglass-bodied two-door sports car with front-wheel drive, built in France from 1959 until 1964. Originally equipped with Panhard two-cylinder boxers, the cars built by René Bonnet had Renault four-cylinder engines.

Automobiles René Bonnet

Automobiles René Bonnet was a French automobile maker.