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Piątek (Polish pronunciation: [ˈpjɔntɛk]) is a surname and placename meaning "Friday" in Polish. Piontek and Piatek are common spelling variants.

Psion Teklogix

Psion Teklogix Inc. was the operational business of Psion.

Andrey Piontkovsky

Andrey Andreyevich Piontkovsky (Russian: Андре́й Андре́евич Пионтко́вский, born June 30, 1940, Moscow) is Russian scientist and political writer and analyst, a member of International PEN Club.


Pont-Croix (Breton: Pontekroaz) is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.

Pointe Kurz

Pointe Kurz (3,680 m) is a mountain of the Mont Blanc Massif, located on the border between France and Switzerland.