Her ser du listen med Pegaso modeller. VĂŚlg en model for at se alle ĂĽrgangene.

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Pegaso (Spanish pronunciation: [peˈɣaso], "Pegasus") was a Spanish manufacturer of trucks, omnibuses, tractors, armored vehicles, and, for a while, sports cars.


Pegasos is a MicroATX motherboard powered by a PowerPC 750CXe or PowerPC 7447 microprocessor, featuring three PCI slots, one AGP slot, two Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 & 10/100), USB, DDR, AC'97 sound, and FireWire.

Pegaso BMR

The Pegaso 3560 BMR is a 6x6 wheeled armoured personnel carrier produced in Spain by Enasa since 1979.

Pegaso Z-102

The Pegaso Z-102 was a sports car produced by Pegaso in Spain in both coupĂŠ and spider form between 1951 and 1958.

Pegaso-class torpedo boat

The Pegaso class was a class of 18 Italian sea-going steam-powered torpedo boats built between 1904 and 1909. They served in the Italo-Turkish War and the First World War, when one was sunk, and continued in use until the 1920s.


Pegasoferae is a proposed clade of mammals based on genomic research in molecular systematics by Nishihara, Hasegawa and Okada (2006).

Pegaso Z-403

The Pegaso Z-403 Monocasco was a two-level monocoque (chassisless) coach, fitted with a 125 hp (93 kW) diesel engine asymmetrically mounted amidships, and built in Spain by Enasa between 1951 and 1957.

Pegaso Z-207

The Pegaso Z-207 was a truck model produced in Spain by Enasa from 1955 to 1959. It featured a V6 engine and a stylishly unforgettable cab.

Pegaso Troner

The Pegaso Troner made its debut at the 1987 Barcelona Motor show and was to be the last truck model developed by the Spanish manufacturer.

CiclĂłn Ramirez

Celso Reyes Daza (born July 28, 1961) is a luchador, or professional wrestler, best known under his ring name CiclĂłn RamĂ­rez (Spanish for "Cyclone Ramirez).