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The Nardi Group, founded by Francesco Nardi in 1895, is one of the leading Italian manufacturers of agricultural machinery distributing today in 85 countries around the world.

Nardi (carmaker)

Officine Nardi was an Italian automobile and racing car maker, named for their creator.

Nardin Academy

Nardin Academy was founded by the Daughters of the Heart of Mary in 1857. It is the oldest private Roman Catholic school in Western New York within the Diocese of Buffalo.

Nardis (composition)

"Nardis" is a composition by American jazz musician Miles Davis. It was written in 1958, during Davis's modal period, to be played by Cannonball Adderley for the album Portrait of Cannonball.

Nardi Contreras

Arnaldo Juan Contreras (born September 19, 1951) is an American former professional baseball pitcher and coach.


Nardilysin (EC, N-arginine dibasic convertase, NRD-convertase) is an enzyme. This enzyme catalyses the following chemical reaction

Nardin Mulahusejnovińá

Nardin Mulahusejnovińá (Bosnian pronunciation: [n«érdiňźn m«Ēlaxuseňźjno čit…ē]; born 9 February 1998) is a Bosnian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Slovenian club Maribor and the Bosnia and Herzegovina U21 national team.

Nardi FN.305

The Nardi FN.305 was an Italian fighter trainer and liaison monoplane developed by the Fratelli Nardi company.

Nardi (disambiguation)

Nardi can refer to:

Nardin Park United Methodist Church

Nardin Park United Methodist Church is a Methodist church located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Nardin Park was first formed in 1927 by the union of two large churches in northwest Detroit - the Grand River Avenue Church, established in 1891, and the Ninde Church, organized in 1886. The name 'Nardin Park' was taken from the park and the subdivision where the church was located Nardin Park United Methodist Church was officially listed in Michigan's register of historic sites on September 21, 1990.