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Muntz Car Company, US manufacturer of automobiles from 1951 to 1954

Muntz Jet

The Muntz Jet is a two-door hardtop convertible built by the Muntz Car Company in the United States between approximately 1949 and 1954. It is sometimes credited as the first personal luxury car.

Muntz Street

Muntz Street is the popular name of a former association football stadium situated in the Small Heath district of Birmingham, England, taken from the street on which it stood.

Muntz metal

Muntz metal is a form of alpha-beta brass with about 60% copper, 40% zinc and a trace of iron. It is named after George Fredrick Muntz, a metal-roller of Birmingham, England, who commercialised the alloy following his patent of 1832.

Muntz Car Company

The Muntz Car Company was established in 1950, in Glendale, California, by Earl "Madman" Muntz, a well known local used car dealer and electronics retailer.

Thomas Müntzer

Thomas Müntzer (German pronunciation: [ˌtoːmas ˈmʏnt͡sɐ̯]; c. December 1489 – 27 May 1525) was a German preacher and radical theologian of the early Reformation whose opposition to both Luther and the Roman Catholic Church led to his open defiance of late-feudal authority in central Germany.

Muntz Stradivarius

The Muntz Stradivarius is an antique violin crafted by Antonio Stradivari of Cremona (1644–1737) in 1736. The label affixed to this instrument bears the inscription, “d'anni 92” (92 years old), possibly handwritten by Stradivari himself.


Muntzing is the practice and technique of reducing the components inside an electronic appliance to the minimum required for it to function.

Muntz baronets

The Muntz Baronetcy, of Dunsmore near Rugby in the Parish of Clifton-upon-Dunsmore in the County of Warwick, was a title in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom.


Muntzenheim (German: Munzenheim) is a commune in the Haut-Rhin department in Grand Est in north-eastern France.