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Melkus was a marque of single seat racing cars and sport cars founded by the race driver Heinz Melkus in Dresden in East Germany.

Melkus RS 1000

Melkus RS 1000 is a sports car produced by Melkus. It is powered by a tuned, mid-mounted 3-cylinder 2-stroke 992 cm3 engine, similar to the one in the Wartburg 353, and features gull-wing doors.

Melkus PT 73 Spyder

The Melkus PT 73 Spyder was a prototype racing car built by Melkus in 1973. It consisted of a new, open chassis for the Melkus RS 1000. The design was inspired by the Škoda Metalex.


Melchizedek, Melchisedech, Melkisetek, or Malki Tzedek (; Hebrew: מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶֿק malkī-ṣeḏeq, "king of righteousness"; Amharic: መልከ ጼዴቅ malkī-ṣeḏeq; Armenian: Մելքիսեդեք, Melkisetek), was the king of Salem and priest of El Elyon (often translated as "most high God ") mentioned in the 14th chapter of the Book of Genesis.


Melksham () is a town on the River Avon in Wiltshire, England, about 4 1⁄2 miles (7 km) northeast of Trowbridge and 6 mi (10 km) south of Chippenham.


Melusine (French: [melyzin]) or Melusina is a figure of European folklore and mythology, a female spirit of fresh water in a sacred spring or river.


Melhus is a municipality in Trøndelag county, Norway. It is part of the Gauldalen region. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Melhus.

Melusine von der Schulenburg, Duchess of Kendal

Ehrengard Melusine von der Schulenburg, Duchess of Kendal, Duchess of Munster (25 December 1667 – 10 May 1743) was a longtime mistress to King George I of Great Britain.

Melksham railway station

Melksham railway station serves the town of Melksham in Wiltshire, England. It is 100 miles 13 chains (161.20 km) measured from London Paddington, on the TransWilts Line between Chippenham and Trowbridge that was originally part of the Wilts, Somerset and Weymouth Railway, absorbed in 1850 by the Great Western Railway.

Melksham Town F.C.

Melksham Town Football Club is a football club based in Melksham, Wiltshire, England. Affiliated to the Wiltshire Football Association, they are currently members of the Southern League Division One South and play at the Oakfield Stadium.