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MBM may refer to:

MBM Motorsports

Motorsports Business Management LLC, operating as MBM Motorsports (and sometimes known as Carl Long Motorsports), is an American professional stock car racing team that currently competes in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, the NASCAR Xfinity Series, and the ARCA Racing Series.

MBM scandal

The MBM scandal was an American political scandal of the 1970s which involved members of the Massachusetts Senate extorting money from McKee-Berger-Mansueto, Inc.

MBM (architecture firm)

Not to be confused with McKee-Berger-Mansueto, Inc., the architecture firm run by Gerald McKee and involved in the MBM scandal

MBM (automobile)

The MBM was a Swiss Formula One racing car. The car was built by Peter Monteverdi at his base in Binningen, and was designed to compete in Grands Prix, although this aim was ultimately not achieved.

MBM (file format)

MBM is shortened from MultiBitMap which, as the name suggests, is a container for a set of bitmap images.

My Brother, My Brother and Me

My Brother, My Brother and Me (often abbreviated as MBMBaM, pronounced ( listen)) is a weekly comedy advice podcast distributed by the Maximum Fun network and hosted by brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy.

MBM Tourismo

The MBM Tourismo was a very low-production (probably only two were built) automobile sold by Peter Monteverdi.

Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service

Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (MBMS) is a point-to-multipoint interface specification for existing and upcoming 3GPP cellular networks, which is designed to provide efficient delivery of broadcast and multicast services, both within a cell as well as within the core network.

M.B.M. Engineering College

M.B.M. Engineering College (Mugneeram Bangur Memorial Engineering College, MBM), Jodhpur is one of the oldest engineering colleges in India.