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For the manga series, see Maico 2010.

Maicon Sisenando

Maicon Douglas Sisenando (born 26 July 1981), known as Maicon (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈmaikõ]), is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Criciúma as a right-back.

Maicon Marques

Maicon Marques Bitencourt (born 18 February 1990), simply known as Maicon, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a winger for Atlético Mineiro.

Maicon Pereira de Oliveira

Maicon Pereira de Oliveira (8 May 1988 – 8 February 2014) commonly known as Maicon, was a Brazilian footballer who played in the Ukrainian Premier League for most of his professional career.

Maicol & Manuel

Maicol & Manuel (Miguel Muñoz and Manuel A. Pérez) were a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo. They have their origins in the first wave of reggaeton artists as early as 1991. The duo have released countless songs on many various artists compilations.

Maicon Pereira Roque

Maicon Pereira Roque (born 14 September 1988), known simply as Maicon, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Saudi club Al-Nassr FC on loan from Galatasaray SK as a central defender.

Maikol Benassi

Maikol Benassi (born 26 November 1989) is an Italian footballer who plays for Romagna Centro Cesena.

Maicon Santos

Maicon dos Santos Corrêa (born 18 April 1984) is a Brazilian footballer who last played as a forward for Fort Lauderdale Strikers in the North American Soccer League.


The Maicoletta was a motor scooter built by Maico from 1955 to 1966. It was noted by motorcycle journalists in the United States and the United Kingdom for being powerful, responsive, and comfortable.


Maicosuel Reginaldo de Matos (born 16 June 1986), known simply as Maicosuel, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Paraná on loan from São Paulo as an attacking midfielder.