La Buire

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La Bureba

La Bureba is a comarca located in the northeast of the Province of Burgos in the autonomous community of Castile and LeĂłn, Spain.

La Burrerita de YpacaraĂ­

La Burrerita de Ypacaraí is a 1962 Argentine film. The film contains music and an appearance from Paraguayan singer Luis Alberto del Paraná.

La Buitrera, Neuquén

La Buitrera (Neuquén) is a village and municipality in Neuquén Province in southwestern Argentina.


Labirent (Labyrinth in English) is a progressive rock/metal band formed in Ankara, Turkey, in 1987. In the early period of rock music in Turkey, when the style was considered strange, Serhat Koçak and Yavuz Selim Sarıcı founded Labirent and introduced progressive rock to the Turkish music market.