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Kissel or kisel (Estonian: kissell, Finnish: kiisseli, Latgalian: keiseļs, Latvian: ķīselis, Lithuanian: kisielius, Polish: kisiel, Russian: кисель, kisél’, Ukrainian: кисiль, Belarusian: кісель, kisél') is a viscous fruit dish, popular as a dessert and as a drink.


Kisselbach is an Ortsgemeinde – a municipality belonging to a Verbandsgemeinde, a kind of collective municipality – in the Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis (district) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Kissel Motor Car Company

The Kissel Motor Car Company was an American automobile and truck manufacturing company founded by Louis Kissel and his sons, George and William, on June 5, 1906 in Hartford, Wisconsin.

Kissel Hill, Pennsylvania

Kissel Hill is a very small unincorporated community located in Warwick Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Pavel Kiselyov

Count Pavel Dmitrievich Kiselyov or Kiseleff (Па́вел Дми́триевич Киселёв) (January 19 [O.S. January 8] 1788, Moscow – November 26 [O.S.


Kissell is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Șeica Mică

Șeica Mică (German: Kleinschelken; Hungarian: Kisselyk) is a commune located in Sibiu County, Romania.

Kissel (disambiguation)

Kissel may refer to:

Elizabeth Kiss

Elizabeth Kiss (born 1961) is an American philosopher and academic administrator, specialising in moral and political philosophy.


A kiss is the touch or pressing of one's lips against another person or an object. Cultural connotations of kissing vary widely.