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Jiotto Caspita

The Jiotto Caspita is a prototype mid-engine sports car designed and manufactured by Dome in 1989. The car was billed as the "F1 on the Road." The original design of the car was done by Kunihisa Ito, who was the vice-president and chief designer of Jiotto Design Incorporated.

Jitto Arulampalam

Indrajit Solomon Arulampalam (known as Jitto Arulampalam) is an Australian businessman of Sri Lankan Tamil origin.


Jotto (or Giotto) is a logic-oriented word game played with two players, a writing implement, and a piece of paper with the alphabet on it.


Jitotol is a town and one of the 119 Municipalities of Chiapas, in southern Mexico.

Chiapas Zoque

Chiapas Zoque is a dialect cluster of Zoquean languages indigenous to southern Mexico (Wichmann 1995).

Jim Otto

James Edwin Otto (born January 5, 1938) is a former professional American football center for the Oakland Raiders of the American Football League (AFL) and National Football League (NFL).

J. Otto Schweizer

Jakob Otto Schweizer (March 27, 1863, Zurich - 1955) was a Swiss-American sculptor noted for his work on war memorials.

J. Otto Seibold

J. Otto Seibold (born 1960) is an American artist and children's book creator. With no formal art training, he was able to sneak into the art world during the "outsider art" craze of the 1990s.

Shide (monk)

Shide (Chinese: 拾得; pinyin: Shídé; Wade–Giles: Shih-Te; literally: 'Pick-up or Foundling', fl. 9th century) was a Tang Dynasty Chinese Buddhist poet at the Guoqing Temple on Mount Tiantai on the East China Sea coast; roughly contemporary with Hanshan and Fenggan, but younger than both of them.

Jit, Qalqilya

Jit (Arabic: جيت‎) is a Palestinian town in the northern West Bank, located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) west of Nablus.