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Izh may refer to;


Izhevsk (Russian: Иже́вск; IPA: [ɪˈʐɛfsk]; Udmurt: Иж, Iž, or Ижкар, Ižkar) is the capital city of the Udmurt Republic, Russia, located along the Izh River in the Western Urals.

Izhbitza – Radzin (Hasidic dynasty)

Izhbitza-Radzin is the name of a dynasty of Hasidic rebbes. The first rebbe of this dynasty was Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner, author of Mei Hashiloach, in the city of Izhbitza.

Izhar Qazi

Izhar Qazi (Urdu: 1955 – December 23, 2007) was a famous two time Nigar award winning, Pakistani film and television actor and a playback singer, perhaps best known for his resemblance to the Indian film actor Amitabh Bachchan.


Izhitsa (Ѵ, ѵ; OCS Ѵжица, Russian: И́жица) is a letter of the early Cyrillic alphabet and several later alphabets, usually the last in the row.

Izhemsky District

Izhemsky District (Russian: Иже́мский райо́н; Komi: Изьва район) is an administrative district (raion), one of the twelve in the Komi Republic, Russia.


JSC Izhavia (Russian: ОАО «Ижавиа», OAO «Ižavia») is an airline based in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia. It is the national airline of the Udmurt Republic of Russia and operates domestic charter and scheduled passenger services.


The Izhorians (Russian: Ижо́ра; ижо́рцы; sg. inkerikot, isurit, ižoralaine, inkeroine, ižora, ingermans, ingers, ingrian, pl.

Izhmorsky District

Izhmorsky District (Russian: Ижмо́рский райо́н) is an administrative district (raion), one of the nineteen in Kemerovo Oblast, Russia.

Izhar Ashdot

Izhar Ashdot (Hebrew: יזהר אשדות‎‎; born November 23, 1958) is an Israeli singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer.