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The Iroquois ( or ) or Haudenosaunee (; "People of the Longhouse") are a historically powerful northeast Native American confederacy in North America.

Iroquois Theatre fire

The Iroquois Theatre fire happened on December 30, 1903, in Chicago, Illinois. It was the deadliest theater fire and the deadliest single-building fire in United States history, resulting in at least 602 deaths.

Iroquois men's national lacrosse team

The Iroquois men's national lacrosse team, known as the Iroquois Nationals, represents the Iroquois Confederacy in international field lacrosse competition.

Iroquois-class destroyer

Iroquois-class destroyers, also known as Tribal class or DDH 280 class, were a class of four helicopter-carrying, guided missile destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Iroquois County, Illinois

Iroquois County is a county located in the northeast part of the U.S. state of Illinois. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 29,718. It is the only county in the United States to be named Iroquois, after the American Indian people.

Iroquois national indoor lacrosse team

The Iroquois national indoor lacrosse team, known as the Iroquois Nationals, represents the Iroquois Confederacy in international box lacrosse competitions.

Iroquoian languages

The Iroquoian languages are a language family of indigenous peoples of North America. They are known for their general lack of labial consonants.

Iroquois Falls

Iroquois Falls is a town in Northern Ontario, Canada, with a population of 4,537 at the 2016 census.The town centre lies 11 km east of Hwy 11 on the banks of the Abitibi River, west of Lake Abitibi.

Iroquois Central School District

The Iroquois Central School District is a large school district about 14 miles (23 km) outside of Buffalo, New York that consists of about 84 square miles (220 km2) of land in the towns of Elma, Marilla, Wales, Aurora, Lancaster, and Bennington.

Iroquois China Company

Iroquois China Company was founded in 1905 in Solvay, New York, located on the western border of Syracuse near the southern shores of Onondaga Lake.