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Iota Phi Theta

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Incorporated (ΙΦΘ, or Iotas) is a nationally incorporated, historically African-American, collegiate fraternity.

Iota (singer)

iOTA, born Sean Hape, is an ARIA-nominated Australian musician and Helpmann Award winning actor.

Iota Orionis

Iota Orionis (ι Orionis, abbreviated Iot Ori, ι Ori) is a multiple star system in the equatorial constellation of Orion the hunter.

Iota Draconis

Iota Draconis (ι Draconis, abbreviated Iota Dra, ι Dra), also named Edasich, is a star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Draco.

Iota Aurigae

Iota Aurigae (ι Aurigae, abbreviated Iot Aur, ι Aur), also named Hassaleh, is a star in the northern constellation of Auriga.

Iota Boötis

Iota Boötis (ι Boo, ι Boötis) is a star system in the constellation Boötes. It has the traditional name Asellus Secundus (Latin for "second donkey colt") and the Flamsteed designation 21 Boötis.

Iota Carinae

Iota Carinae (ι Carinae, abbreviated Iota Car, ι Car), also named Aspidiske, is a star in the southern circumpolar constellation (circumpolar if viewed at any location from approximately 40° S to the South Pole) of Carina.

Iota Draconis b

Iota Draconis b, also named Hypatia, is an exoplanet orbiting the K-type giant star Iota Draconis about 101.2 light-years (31 parsecs, or nearly 2.932×1014 km) from Earth in the constellation Draco.

Iota Horologii

Iota Horologii, Latinized from ι Horologii, is a yellow-hued star approximately 56 light-years away in the Horologium constellation.

Iota Herculis

Iota Herculis (ι Her, ι Herculis) is a fourth-magnitude variable star in the constellation Hercules.