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The hertz (symbol: Hz) is the derived unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as one cycle per second.

Hertzsprung–Russell diagram

The Hertzsprung–Russell diagram, abbreviated H–R diagram, HR diagram or HRD, is a scatter plot of stars showing the relationship between the stars' absolute magnitudes or luminosities versus their stellar classifications or effective temperatures.


Herzliya (; Hebrew: הֶרְצֵלִיָּה‬ [hɛʁtsɛliˈja]; Arabic: هرتسيليا‎ [hɪrtsiːlja]) is an affluent city in the central coast of Israel, at the Northern part of the Tel Aviv District known for its robust start-up and entrepreneurial culture.

Hertz Car Sales

Hertz Car Sales, a division of The Hertz Corporation handles the transactions and sales of Hertz rental fleet in both B2B and B2C markets.

Hertz Foundation

The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation is an American non-profit organization that awards fellowships to Ph.D.

Hertzsprung (crater)

Hertzsprung is an enormous lunar impact crater, or impact basin, that is located on the far side of the Moon, beyond the western limb.


A Hertzoggie, also known in Afrikaans as a Hertzog Koekie or in English as a Hertzog Cookie, is a jam-filled tartlet or cookie with a coconut topping commonly served on a cup-like pastry base.

Hertz Corp. v. Friend

Hertz Corp. v. Friend, 559 U.S. 77 (2010), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court supported the "nerve center" test for determining corporate citizenship in the context of 28 U.S.C.

Hertzog Prize

The Hertzog Prize or (Hertzogprys) is an annual award given to Afrikaans-language writers by the South African Academy for the Sciences and Arts (Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns), formerly the South African Academy for Language, Literature and Arts (Zuid-Afrikaanse Akademie voor Wetenschap, Letteren en Kunst).

Hertza region

Hertza region (Ukrainian: Край Герца, Kraj Herca; Romanian: Ținutul Herța) is a border region within an administrative district (raion) of Hertsa (Herța) in the southern part of Chernivtsi Oblast in southwestern Ukraine, near Romania.