Great Western

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Great Western

Great Western can refer to:

Great Western Railway (train operating company)

Great Western Railway (GWR) is a British train operating company owned by FirstGroup. It manages 208 stations and its trains call at over 270. GWR operates long-distance inter-city services along the Great Western Main Line to and from South West England and South Wales, as well as the Night Riviera sleeper service between London and Penzance.

Great Western Railway

The Great Western Railway (GWR) was a British railway company that linked London with the south-west and west of England, the Midlands, and most of Wales.

Great Western main line

The Great Western main line is a main line railway in England, that runs westwards from London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads.

Great Western Highway

The Great Western Highway is a 201-kilometre-long (125 mi) state highway in New South Wales, Australia.

Great Western Woodlands

The Great Western Woodlands is the largest and healthiest temperate (Mediterranean climate) woodland remaining on Earth.

Great Western Bank (1919–97)

Great Western Bank (previously known as Great Western Savings & Loan) was a large retail bank that operated primarily in the Western United States.

Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway

The Great Western and Great Central Joint Railway was a railway built and operated jointly by the Great Western Railway (GWR) and Great Central Railway (GCR).

Great Western Iron and Steel Company

The Great Western Iron and Steel Company was a company founded in the 1890s in Kirkland, Washington by the city's namesake Peter Kirk to build an integrated smelter and steel mill to refine local ore into steel for rails and other purposes.

Great Western Railway wagons

The fleet of Great Western Railway wagons was both large and varied as it carried the wide variety of goods traffic on the Great Western Railway (GWR) in the United Kingdom.