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The Enzmann 506 was a Swiss automobile manufactured from 1957 until the late 1960s (some sources claim 1969 as the final year).

Enzmann starship

The Enzmann starship is a concept for a manned interstellar spacecraft proposed in 1964 by Dr. Robert Enzmann.

En människa

En människa was released in 1984, and is Freda's debut album.

Enmannsche Kaisergeschichte

The Enmannsche Kaisergeschichte, in English often called Enmann's Kaisergeschichte (Kaisergeschichte: History of the Emperors), is a modern term for a hypothesized Latin historical work, written in the 4th century but now lost.

Brad Engmann

Brad Engmann is a competitive shooter and USPSA Grand Master. He is also known for competing in the first season of History Channel's marksmen competition Top Shot.