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The Elcar was an American automobile manufactured from 1915 until 1931. The car was produced by the Elkhart Carriage Company, owned by William and George Pratt, of Elkhart, Indiana, which had been in business for over 30 years before producing its first car.

Elcar Seven Passenger Sedan-8-80

The Elcar Seven Passenger Sedan-8-80 was manufactured by Elkhart Carriage Company of Elkhart, Indiana.

El Cartel: The Big Boss

El Cartel: The Big Boss is the fourth studio album and eighth overall by Puerto Rican recording artist Daddy Yankee.

El Carrizal, El Salvador

El Carrizal is a municipality located in the department of Chalatenango in the North of El Salvador.

El cartel (TV series)

El Cartel de los Sapos (English title: The Cartel of Snitches) or El Cartel is a Colombian television series that first aired on June 4, 2008 on the Colombian network Caracol TV.

El Carnero

El Carnero (English: The Sheep) is the colloquial name of a Spanish language colonial chronicle whose title was Conquista i descubrimiento del nuevo reino de Granada de las Indias Occidentales del mar oceano, i fundacion de la ciudad de Santa Fe de Bogotá, ...

El Caracazo (film)

El Caracazo is 2005 Venezuelan historical film that deals with the events of El Caracazo, a name given to a series of disturbances in and around Caracas on 27 February 1989. The film was produced and directed by the veteran Venezuelan filmmaker Roman Chalbaud.

El Cartel Records

El Cartel Records (previously known as Los Cangris Inc. and/or El Cartel Productions) is Daddy Yankee's record company.

El Caracol, Chichen Itza

El Caracol, the Observatory, is a unique structure at pre-Columbian Maya civilization site of Chichen Itza.

El Caracol, Michoacán

El Caracol is a small village in the mountains of the Mexican state of Michoacán, in the municipality of Hidalgo.