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Duryea may refer to:

Duryea, Pennsylvania

Duryea is a borough in the Greater Pittston area of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, United States, 9 miles (14 km) south of Scranton.

Duryea Yard

Duryea Yard (formerly Coxton Yard, sometimes Pittston Junction, or West Pittston Yard) is a railroad yard in the Wyoming Valley region of Northeastern Pennsylvania currently operated by the Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad.

Duryea Motor Wagon

The Duryea Motor Wagon was among the first standardized automobiles and among the first powered by gasoline.

Duryea Motor Wagon Company

The Duryea Motor Wagon Company, established in 1895 in Springfield, Massachusetts, was the first American firm to build gasoline automobiles.

Townsend Duryea

Townsend Duryea (1823 – 13 December 1888) and his brother Sanford Duryea (22 February 1833 – 20 March 1903, see below) were American-born photographers who provided South Australians with invaluable images of life in the early Colony.

Duryea Power

Duryea Power Company was a manufacturer of Brass Era automobiles in Reading, Pennsylvania. It was one of several similarly named companies that early automobile pioneer Charles Duryea was involved with.

Duryea Brothers

The Duryea brothers, Charles Duryea (December 15, 1861 – September 28, 1938) and J. Frank Duryea (October 8, 1869 – February 15, 1967) were early pioneers in the automobile industry.

Charles Duryea

Charles Edgar Duryea (December 15, 1861 – September 28, 1938) was the engineer of the first-ever working American gasoline-powered car and co-founder of Duryea Motor Wagon Company.

5th New York Volunteer Infantry

The 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, also known as "Duryée's Zouaves", was a volunteer infantry regiment of the Union Army, during the American Civil War, led by Colonel Abram Duryée.