Dixie Flyer

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Dixie Flyer

Dixie Flyer(s) may refer to:

Dixie Flyers

The Dixie Flyers were a bluegrass band based in London, Ontario, Canada. The band first came together in 1974, and became one of Canada's best known bluegrass bands.

Dixie Flyer (train)

The Dixie Flyer was a premier named passenger train that operated from 1892 to 1966 via the "Dixie Route" from Chicago and St.

Dixie Flyer (automobile)

The Dixie Flyer was an automobile built in Louisville, Kentucky from 1916 until 1923. Dixie Flyers were marketed under the slogan of "The Logical Car." They may be classified as Brass Era cars or vintage cars.

The Dixie Fryer

The Dixie Fryer is a Merrie Melodies cartoon animated short starring Foghorn Leghorn. Released in 1960, the cartoon is directed by Robert McKimson.