DeLorean DMC-12

Model Årgang Motor HK Km/t CO2
DMC-12 1981 2849 ccm 130 209 -
DMC-12 Back To The Future 1981 2849 ccm 130 209 -


Hurtigst: 209 km/t

Kraftigst motor: 130 HK

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DeLorean may refer to:

DeLorean DMC-12

The DeLorean DMC-12 (commonly referred to simply as "the DeLorean", as it was the only model ever produced by the company) is a sports car manufactured by John DeLorean's DeLorean Motor Company for the American market from 1981 to 1983. The car features gull-wing doors and an innovative fiberglass body structure with a steel backbone chassis, along with external brushed stainless-steel body panels.

DeLorean time machine

The DeLorean time machine is a fictional automobile-based time travel device featured in the Back to the Future franchise.

DeLorean Motor Company

The DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) was an American automobile manufacturer originally formed by automobile industry executive John DeLorean in 1975. It is remembered for the one model it produced — the distinctive stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12 sports car featuring gull-wing doors—and for its brief and turbulent history, ending in receivership and bankruptcy in 1982. Near the end, in a desperate attempt to raise the funds his company needed to survive, John DeLorean was filmed appearing to accept money to take part in drug trafficking, but was subsequently acquitted of charges brought against him on the basis of entrapment.

Delorean (band)

Delorean are a Spanish Basque alternative dance band formed in 2000 in Zarautz, a Basque town. The band was originally composed of vocalist and bassist Ekhi Lopetegi, guitarist Tomas Palomo, keyboardist Unai Lazcano and drummer Igor Escudeo; they created the band to explore their mutual interests, from the local punk rock scene to electronic music.

Delorean Dynamite

"Delorean Dynamite" is a song by Norwegian DJ Todd Terje. It was released as the third single from his debut studio album, It's Album Time, on 10 February 2014. A 12" vinyl version was released on 28 May 2014. A music video for the song was uploaded on Terje's YouTube channel.

Delorean (album)

Delorean is the eponymous second album by Spanish alternative dance band Delorean, released in 2004 by BCore.

American Dad! (season 5)

American Dad!'s fifth season originally aired on the Fox network from September 28, 2008, to May 17, 2009. It consisted of twenty episodes and was released as two DVD box sets and in syndication.

DeLorean (Stonefree album)

DeLorean is the 2nd and most popular album by the Pinoy rock band Stonefree, released under Warner Music Philippines in 2007. Its top songs include Anghel and LSS.


Delorentos are a critically acclaimed Dublin-based Irish alternative rock band, formed in 2005. The band consist of four members: Ró (vocals, guitar, piano), Kier (vocals, guitar), Níal (Bass, Keys, backing vocals) and Ross (drums, backing vocals).