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Croesus ( KREE-səs; Ancient Greek: Κροῖσος, Kroisos; 595 BC – c. 546 BC) was the king of Lydia who, according to Herodotus, reigned for 14 years: from 560 BC until his defeat by the Persian king Cyrus the Great in 546 BC (sometimes given as 547 BC).

Croesus (opera)

Der hochmütige, gestürzte und wieder erhabene Croesus (The Proud, Overthrown and Again Exalted Croesus) is a three-act opera (described as a "Singe-Spiel") composed by Reinhard Keiser.

Croesus and Fate

"Croesus and Fate" is a short story by Leo Tolstoy that is a retelling of a Greek legend, classically told by Herodotus, and Plutarch, about the king Croesus.

Croesus (film)

Croesus (French: Crésus) is a 1960 French comedy film directed by Jean Giono and starring Fernandel, Marcelle Ranson-Hervé and Rellys.

Karun Treasure

Karun Treasure is the name given to a collection of 363 valuable Lydian artifacts dating from the 7th century BC and originating from Uşak Province in western Turkey, which were the subject of a legal battle between Turkey and New York Metropolitan Museum of Art between 1987–1993 and which were returned to Turkey in 1993 after the Museum admitted it had known the objects were stolen when they had purchased them.


Oswestry ( OZ-wəs-tree; Welsh: Croesoswallt) is a market town and civil parish in Shropshire, England, close to the Welsh border.

Craesus septentrionalis

Craesus septentrionalis, the flat-legged tenthred or birch sawfly, is a species of insect in the order Hymenoptera, the suborder Symphyta and the family Tenthredinidae.


Cromnus or Kromnos (Ancient Greek: Κρῶμνος) or Cromna or Kromna (Κρῶμνα), or Cromi or Kromoi (Κρῶμοι), was a town of ancient Arcadia on the frontiers of Messenia, the inhabitants of which were removed to Megalopolis, on the foundation of the latter city in 371 BCE.


Crésus was the first French version of the Argentine quiz show El Legado that debuted on commercial station TF1 on July 4, 2005, presented by Vincent Lagaf'.


Acleris is a genus of moths belonging to the subfamily Tortricinae of the family Tortricidae.As of 2007, about 241 species were known.