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Costin is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


Francisco José Rodrigues da Costa, OIH (born 1 December 1974), known as Costinha (Portuguese pronunciation: [kɔʃˈtiɲɐ]), is a retired Portuguese footballer who played as a defensive midfielder, and is the manager of C.D.

Costin Murgescu

Costin Ion Murgescu (Romanian pronunciation: [kosˈtin iˈon murˈd͡ʒesku]; October 27, 1919 – August 30, 1989) was a Romanian economist, jurist, journalist and diplomat.

Costinha (humorist)

Lírio Mário da Costa (Rio de Janeiro, 24 March 1923 — Rio de Janeiro, 15 September 1995), better known as Costinha, was a Brazilian comedian and actor.

Costin Lazăr

Costin Lazăr (born 24 April 1981) is a Romanian former footballer who played as a defensive midfielder.


Costinești is a commune and resort in Constanța County, Romania, located on the shore of the Black Sea, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) south of the county seat, Constanța.

Costin Miereanu

Costin Miereanu (born 27 February 1943) is a French composer and musicologist of Romanian birth.

Costin Petrescu (musician)

Costin Petrescu (born in 1947 in Bucharest) is an architect, graphic artist, percussionist and Romanian-French composer.

Costinha (footballer, born 1992)

João José Pereira da Costa (born 25 August 1992), known as Costinha, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for G.D.

Costin Nenițescu

Costin D. Neniţescu in foreign scientific publication written as Nenitzescu (Romanian pronunciation: [kosˈtin neniˈt͡sesku]; 15 July 1902 – 28 July 1970) was a prominent Romanian chemist, and a professor at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.