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Brilliance may refer to:

Brilliance Auto

Brilliance Auto Group (officially HuaChen Group Auto Holding Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shenyang.

Brilliance BS4

The Brilliance BS4 was a four-door notchback sedan produced by Brilliance Auto in the People's Republic of China, where it is known as the Zhonghua Junjie.

Brilliance BS6

Brilliance BS6, in China sold as Zhonghua Zunchi (Chinese: 中华尊驰), and more recently as the Brilliance M1 is a car produced by Brilliance Auto in the People's Republic of China.

Brilliance BS2

The Brilliance BS2 or FRV is a car produced by the Brilliance Auto in the People's Republic of China.

Brilliance BC3

The Brilliance BC3 is a sport compact coupé produced by the Joint Venture of Brilliance Auto, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche AG and BMW Group.

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Brilliance of the Moon

Brilliance of the Moon is the third novel in Lian Hearn's popular Tales of the Otori trilogy, published in 2004. It describes the events during the months following Takeo and Kaede's marriage at the end of the second book, Grass for His Pillow, leading to Takeo's confrontation with the warlord Arai Daiichi.

Brilliance (graphics editor)

Brilliance is a bitmap graphics editor for the Amiga computer, published by Digital Creations in 1993. Although marketed as a single package, Brilliance in reality consisted of two separate (but near identical-looking) applications.

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