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Bricklin may refer to:

Bricklin SV-1

The Bricklin SV-1 is a two-seat sports car that was built from 1974 to late 1975. The car was noteworthy for its gull-wing doors and composite bodywork of color-impregnated acrylic resin bonded to fiberglass.

Bricklin EVX/LS

The Bricklin EVX/LS was a planned plug-in hybrid electric vehicle from auto maker Visionary Vehicles. The car was to be a 4-door, 5-passenger luxury sedan.

Brick-lined well

A brick-lined well is a hand-dug water well whose walls are lined with bricks, sometimes called "Dutch bricks" if they are trapezoidal or made on site.

Blickling Hall

Blickling Hall is a stately home which is part of the Blickling estate. It is located in the village of Blickling north of Aylsham in Norfolk, England and has been in the care of the National Trust since 1940.

Another Brick in the Wall

"Another Brick in the Wall" is a three-part composition on Pink Floyd's 1979 rock opera The Wall, written by bassist Roger Waters.


Brickland is a historic plantation house located near Kenbridge, Lunenburg County, Virginia. The original section was built about 1818, with an addition built about 1822, and rear addition in 1920. It is a 2 1/2-story, eight bay, brick dwelling in the Federal style.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a street in the East End of London, in the Borough of Tower Hamlets. It runs from Swanfield Street in Bethnal Green, crosses Bethnal Green Road, enters Shoreditch then Spitalfields and is linked to Whitechapel High Street to the south by the short stretch of ‘’’Osborn Street’’’.

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market is a multi-street marketplace centred on Brick Lane and Cheshire Street spanning the Bethnal Green, Shoreditch and Spitalfields districts in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in Central and East London and is within the East End.


Amikacin is an antibiotic used for a number of bacterial infections. This includes joint infections, intra-abdominal infections, meningitis, pneumonia, sepsis, and urinary tract infections.