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Bianchi may refer to:

Bianchi (company)

F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A, commonly known as Bianchi ([ˈbjaŋki]) is the world's oldest bicycle manufacturing company in existence, having pioneered the use of equal-sized wheels with pneumatic rubber tires.

Bianchi classification

In mathematics, the Bianchi classification, named for Luigi Bianchi, is a classification of Lie algebras.

Bianchi (cycling team)

Bianchi was an Italian professional cycling team that was sponsored by and cycled on Bianchi Bicycles.

Bianchi Winery

Bianchi Winery and Tasting Room is located along CA 46 East on Branch Road in Paso Robles, California.

Bianchi (motorcycles)

Bianchi motorcycles were made from 1897 to 1967 by F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A, a company which today is a major Italian bicycle manufacturer, and who also produced automobiles from 1900 to 1939. Edoardo Bianchi started his bicycle manufacturing business in a small shop on Milan’s Via Nirone in 1885. Bianchi was a prominent name in the motorcycle racing world from 1925 to 1930.

Bianchini (lunar crater)

Bianchini is a lunar impact crater that lies along the northern Jura Mountains that ring the Sinus Iridum, in the northwestern part of the near side of the Moon.

Bianchi group

In mathematics, a Bianchi group is a group of the form

Bianchi's warbler

Bianchi's warbler (Phylloscopus valentini) is a species of leaf warbler (family Phylloscopidae). It was formerly included in the "Old World warbler" assemblage.

Bianchi 8 HP

The Bianchi 8 HP is a car produced by F.I.V. Edoardo Bianchi in 1903.