B Engineering

Her ser du listen med B Engineering modeller. Vælg en model for at se alle årgangene.

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B Engineering

B Engineering is a small-volume automobile manufacturer located in Italy. It is made up of several former employees of the Bugatti firm when it was under the leadership of Romano Artioli.

B Engineering Edonis

The B Engineering Edonis is a sports car developed and manufactured by Italian automobile manufacturer B Engineering and designed by Nicola Materazzi.

BR Engineering BR1

The BR Engineering BR1 is a sports prototype non-hybrid racing car built for the SMP Racing and DragonSpeed teams.

BR Engineering BR01

The BR Engineering BR01 is a Le Mans Prototype built by BR Engineering in 2015. The car made its debut at the 4 Hours of Imola run by SMP Racing.

Boris Romanovich Rotenberg

Boris Romanovich Rotenberg (Russian: Ротенберг Борис Романович, born in Leningrad on 3 January 1957) is a Russian business man and oligarch.