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Avanti (in Italian, meaning ahead, forward, or before) may refer to:

Avanti Schools Trust

Avanti Schools Trust is the sponsor of state-funded Hindu faith schools in the United Kingdom. The I-Foundation is a Hindu and ISKCON charity in England and Wales that is the religious authority governing schools run by the Avanti Schools Trust.Prior to the founding of schools by the I-Foundation, Hinduism was the only major world religion which did not have a dedicated faith school in the UK.

Avanti (car)

The Avanti II is an American performance sports coupe based on the Studebaker Avanti and marketed through a succession of five different ownership arrangements subsequent to Studebaker's discontinuation of the model.

Avantika Vandanapu

Avantika Vandanapu is an actor, dancer, singer, model, and anchor from California, United States who got into prominence for her performance in the Zee TV reality show Dance India Dance Lil Masters North America June 2014. She won second place on the show.


Avanti! is a 1972 American/Italian comedy film produced and directed by Billy Wilder. The film stars Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills.

Avanthika Mohan

Priyanka Mohan is an Indian actress and model, better known by her stage name as Avantika Mohan. She made her debut film, Yakshi – Faithfully Yours and was later seen in Malayalam films and later earned popularity through the TV series Athmasakhi for which she received two best actress award for the character called Nanditha by 24 frames film society In 2018, she got the 2nd position as Kochi Times Most Desirable women on Television .

Avanti (project)

Avanti was established by the UK Department of Trade and Industry in 2002 to formulate an approach to collaborative working in order to enable construction project partners to work together effectively.

Avantika Bawa

Avantika Bawa (born 1973) is an Indian American artist, curator, and professor of art. Bawa is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in site-specific installation, video, printmaking, and drawing.

Avantika Shetty

Avantika Shetty is an Indian film and television actress and advertiser working primarily in Kannada cinema.

Avanti (Ancient India)

Avanti (Sanskrit: अवन्ति) was an ancient Indian Mahajanapada (Great Realm), roughly corresponded to the present day Malwa region.