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Autovia was a short lived brand of British car from Coventry existing from 1935 to 1938 with production starting in January 1937. The venture was ambitious and even included setting up a school for chauffeurs.

AutovĂ­a A-23

The AutovĂ­a A-23 is a motorway in Aragon, Spain with an average speed limit of 120 km/h.

AutovĂ­a A-66

The AutovĂ­a A-66 is a major highway in western Spain. It also forms part of the European Route E803. The road is an upgrade of the N-630 which is being undertaken section by section.

AutovĂ­a A-7

The Autovía A-7 (also called Autovia del Mediterráneo) is a Spanish autovía (toll-free limited-access highway) which starts in La Jonquera, near the French frontier and ends in Algeciras.

AutovĂ­a A-1

The AutovĂ­a A-1 (also called Autovia del Norte) is a Spanish autovĂ­a route which starts in Madrid and ends in Irun.

AutovĂ­a A-3

The AutovĂ­a A-3 (also called AutovĂ­a del Este) is a Spanish autovĂ­a which starts in Madrid and ends in Valencia.

AutovĂ­a A-8

The Autovía A-8 is a highway (autovía) that connects all the regions on the Northern Coast of Spain. It is known as the Autovía del Cantábrico (also known as "Transcantábrica") and connects Baamonde (Begonte, Galicia) and Bilbao, where it continues as the Autopista AP-8 to the French border.

AutovĂ­a A-2

The Autovía A-2 (also called Autovia del Nordeste and Avenida de América) is a Spanish autovía and autopista route which starts in Madrid and ends in Barcelona.

AutovĂ­a GC-2

The GC-2 (or AutovĂ­a del Norte, "Northern Highway") is a superhighway in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) which connects Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the village of Agaete.

AutovĂ­a A-92

The Autovía A-92 is a highway in Andalusia, Spain. It is a major east–west route running south of the Sierra Nevada and is known as the Carretera Sevilla a Granada and Autovía de Andalucía.