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Auto Union

Auto Union AG, Chemnitz, was an amalgamation of four German automobile manufacturers, founded in 1932 and established in 1936 in Chemnitz, Saxony.

Auto Union racing car

The Auto Union Grand Prix racing cars types A to D were developed and built by a specialist racing department of Auto Union's Horch works in Zwickau, Germany, between 1933 and 1939.

Auto Union 1000

The Auto Union 1000 is a luxury compact front-wheel-drive automobile manufactured by Auto Union GmbH between 1958 and 1965. It was the first (and in many markets the last) model branded as an Auto Union by the manufacturer since the 1930s: it replaced the paradoxically named DKW 3=6, although the latter continued in production, reassuringly now branded as the DKW 900, for another year.

Auto Union 1000 Sp

The Auto Union 1000 Sp is a sports car produced by Auto Union beginning in 1958. It was equipped with a 981cc two-stroke 3-cylinder engine producing 55 PS (40 kW; 54 hp).