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Atalanta (; Greek: Ἀταλάντη Atalantē) is a character in Greek mythology, a virgin huntress, unwilling to marry, and loved by the hero Meleager.

Atalanta B.C.

Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, commonly referred to as Atalanta, is an Italian football club based in Bergamo, Lombardy.

Atalanta (opera)

Atalanta (HWV 35) is a pastoral opera in three acts by George Frideric Handel composed in 1736. It is based upon the mythological female athlete, Atalanta, the libretto (which is in Italian) being derived from the book La Caccia in Etolia by Belisario Valeriani.

Atalanta B.C. Youth Sector

Atalanta B.C. Youth Sector (Italian: Settore Giovanile) comprises the under-19 team and the academy of Italian professional football club Atalanta B.C.

Atalanta Stakes

The Atalanta Stakes is a Group 3 flat horse race in Great Britain open to fillies and mares aged three years or older.

Atalanta Mozzanica Calcio Femminile Dilettantistico

Atalanta Mozzanica Calcio Femminile Dilettantistico, previously known as A.S.D. Mozzanica or Mozzanica Calcio Femminile, is an Italian women's football club from Mozzanica, in the Province of Bergamo, currently competing in Serie A.

Atalanta (disambiguation)

Atalanta is a heroine in Greek mythology.

Atalanta B.C. in European football

These are the matches that Atalanta have played in European football competitions.

Atalanta Fugiens

Atalanta Fugiens or Atalanta Fleeing is an emblem book by Michael Maier (1568–1622), published by Johann Theodor de Bry in Oppenheim in 1617 (2nd edition 1618).

Atalanta (Bottiaea)

Atalanta (Ancient Greek: Ἀταλάντη, translit. Atalante) or Allante (Ἀλλάντη) or Allantium was an ancient city of Bottiaea, ancient Macedon, between Gortynia and Europos, in the upper part of the valley of the Axius river, which may have been built by the Bottiaeans before their expulsion by Macedonians to Bottike.