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Ansaldo is an Italian surname, and can refer to:

AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro

The Hitachi Rail Italy Driverless Metro is a class of driverless electric multiple units and corresponding signaling system.

Ansaldo STS

Ansaldo Signalling and Transportation Systems (Ansaldo STS) is an Italian transportation company with a global presence in the field of railway signalling and integrated transport systems for passenger traffic (Railway / Mass Transit) and freight operations.

Ansaldo Energia

Ansaldo Energia, an Italian power engineering company. It is based in Genoa.

Ansaldo A.1 Balilla

The Ansaldo A.1, nicknamed "Balilla" after the Genoan folk-hero was Italy's only domestically-designed fighter aircraft of World War I to be produced in Italy.

Ansaldo SVA

The Ansaldo SVA (named for Savoia-Verduzio-Ansaldo) was a family of Italian reconnaissance biplane aircraft of World War I and the decade after.

Ansaldo A.300

The Ansaldo A.300 was an Italian general-purpose biplane aircraft built by the Ansaldo company (now part of FIAT) of Turin from 1920 to 1929. It also served as a light bomber, transport, fighter and reconnaissance aircraft, and finally as an advanced trainer, with examples in service as late as 1940. 50 examples were also license-built in Poland at ZM E.

Ansaldo Armored Car (1925)

The Ansaldo armored car was a prototype built by Ansaldo in 1925, based on a Pavesi heavy tractor.

Ansaldo A.120

The Ansaldo A.120 (sometimes called the FIAT A.120, since FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino - Italian Automobile Factory of Turin) bought Ansaldo, was a reconnaissance aircraft developed in Italy in the 1920s.

Ansaldo Poggi

Ansaldo Poggi was born in Villafontana di Medicina (Bologna), 9 June 1893 and died in Bologna, 4 September 1984. He demonstrated his talent for the making of stringed instruments at a young age.