Aberdonia 16/20

Model Årgang Motor HK Km/t CO2
16/20 1912 3160 ccm - - -


Hurtigst: 0 km/t

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Aberdonia (car)

The Aberdonia was an English car manufactured in Park Royal, London from 1911 to 1915 by the coachbuilders Brown, Hughes and Strachan.


Aberdeen ( (listen); Scots: Aiberdeen, listen ; Scottish Gaelic: Obar Dheathain [opəɾ ˈɛ.ɛɲ]; Latin: Aberdonia) is a city in northeast Scotland.

Aberdonian (passenger train)

The Aberdonian was a named passenger train operating in the United Kingdom.

Aberdonia (yacht)

The Aberdonia is a British pre-war motor yacht moored at Chelsea Harbour. Built by the Thornycroft ship yard and launched in 1935 Aberdonia has a rich history, former uses include a patrol boat, mine sweeper and is one of the Little ships of Dunkirk.

Aberdonia (disambiguation)

Aberdonia may refer to: